John Suddath, ABC
35th Anniversary Reflections

John Suddath, ABCJohn Suddath, ABC
(Texas Forest Service)
BVIABC Chapter Founder & Past President, 1981

“Although it was a small group, the Brazos Valley chapter was well recognized by the international organization. I think it has had a very positive impact on the local community.” –John Suddath, ABC

I joined the predecessor organization for IABC in Oklahoma City in 1970. When I moved to the Texas Forest Service (TFS) in College Station in 1973, I joined the Houston IABC chapter and commuted to their evening meetings for several years with Tom Sneed (from Texas A&M Ag Communications).

I was the founder and first president of BVIABC in 1981 and encouraged the district president to come deliver our charter. I was a member of the D5 district board for several years and attended several national and district conferences. I made a presentation on the use of email at the national conference in Washington, DC in 1991. (I kept my conference programs and notes for several years but discarded them in several moves over the years.)

The TFS magazine Texas Trees ceased publication in 1991, and I took an early retirement in 1993 and moved to Washington, DC. I participated in the local chapter there for a couple of years. I also became a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and DC Science Writers.

When I moved to Raleigh, NC in 1996, I attended a few activities of the local IABC chapter but did not join, since I no longer was active in the profession.

Since my retirement I have published two books: Goodbye God, We’re Going to Texas, and Neither Here Nor There both of which are available on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. You also can read my blog on my website:

My last visit to College Station was in 1998. Laura Nowlin was active in the BVIABC chapter for several years as was Ann Cole. After so many years my memory fails, and I have lost contact with most of the people I knew in College Station. Several moved to other parts of the country as I did.

IABC was the premiere organization for professional development in the era in which I was a member, and I learned a lot from my participation.

–January 2016