Lesley Kriewald
35th Anniversary Q&A

Lesley KriewaldLesley Kriewald
Communications Manager
Texas A&M University at Qatar
BVIABC Past President, 2006-07

Why IABC? What was it about IABC that made you decide to join? “The people. Pure and simple.” –Lesley Kriewald

Question: When and why did you join or start participating in IABC? How did you become involved in the local chapter?

Answer: Tura King took me to my first IABC meeting when I was a graduate assistant at University Relations, now Marketing and Communications. I enjoyed it but didn’t become a member until I started working for TEES Communications and longtime members Laura Nowlin, ABC (my boss) and Exa York encouraged me to join. So, I joined for a year but then let my membership lapse because I wasn’t getting much out of it, other than what I learned at the monthly meetings. It wasn’t until my friend Tiffany Inbody was president-elect and in need of a treasurer that I got involved and found my passion for IABC.

Q: Have you held a leadership position with BVIABC? If so, which one(s) and when?

A: Treasurer for 2.5 years but I’m not sure when. Then the president cycle, then awards chair for three years. I was also our Silver Quill chair and was secretary and then chapter relations chair of the Southern Region.

Q: Please share any stories or comments about your service to our chapter. Was it a positive experience? Do you feel it has helped your career? Would you recommend it to others?

A: IABC changed me. I was forced to network with people when I was a chapter leader, and I found that I actually kind of enjoyed it. Which made me come out of my shell and seek other opportunities to be “uncomfortable,” such as moving halfway around the world to work for Texas A&M at Qatar.

Q: Why IABC? What was it about IABC that made you decide to join?

A: The people. Pure and simple.

Q: What is one thing that you wish you’d known when you were starting out in your career?

A: Get involved. Be uncomfortable, even if you’re a wallflower. It’s worth the discomfort—and the rewards are worth way more than the discomfort.

–January 2016