Creating Virtual Value for Professional Organizations

Chase FriedmanThe Blog

  For more than ten years, professional organizations have been declining in membership (1, 2, 3, 4). I’m sure there are some organizations that are gaining members on average, but of the ones that I’ve looked into, membership is on a downward trend. Beyond the panic signals going off in executive boardrooms, there are multiple reasons for the current state … Read More

A New Year’s Message from the President| January 21, 2016

Jennie L. LambThe Blog

I hope you had a pleasant holiday break and have readjusted to work and life in 2016! The BVIABC Board of Directors is looking forward to providing our fellow Brazos Valley communicators with another year of quality professional development and networking opportunities. A Special Birthday What makes 2016 even more exciting is that our chapter is turning 35 years old! We’ll kick off our … Read More

Going Off the Playbook: Lessons Learned from the Disaster Zone

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by Angela Clendenin, M.A. | Public Information Officer, Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) and Lecturer, Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health As communicators, we all anticipate crises. We develop our company’s or our unit’s crisis communication plan. We’ve attended webinars, classes, or lectures on how to respond in a crisis. We’ve purchased manuals and participated … Read More

3 Ways a Graphic Designer Can Be an Asset to Content Strategy Development

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  by Jennie L. Lamb Graphic Designer & Brazos Valley IABC President, 2015–16 | | @jenniellamb on Twitter You’re a communication professional who has been tasked with a new project. Whether you’re creating an entire campaign, managing a magazine, or putting together a simple brochure, where do you begin? How do you develop a game plan to accomplish … Read More