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By Shelbi LeMeilleur

Less Said, More Done

In anticipation of the upcoming BVIABC Lunch + Learn event featuring Jason Franzen, Brazos Reads is featuring the first two books in his trilogy designed to streamline communication.

‘Less & More’ by Jason Franzen

In his first book of a trilogy about streamlining modern communication, Jason Franzen tackles the art of saying more with less. “Less & More” emphasizes quality, rather than quantity, when we communicate with others. Franzen uses examples and graphics to help get his point across. It’s a quick and powerful read that can be applied to both business and personal communication. It’s especially beneficial for those who work in a communication field, but everyone will find something to build upon. Whether composing an email, talking to a stranger on the street, or giving a presentation to coworkers, Franzen lays out concrete examples of why more effective communication is beneficial.

‘Said & Done’ by Jason Franzen and Stephan Mardyks, Foreword by David Allen

In the second book of the trilogy, Franzen and Stephan Mardyks build on the previous book to demonstrate the power of saying more with less. While “Less & More” focused on why streamlined communication is more effective, “Said & Done” stresses how to communicate more effectively. The beginning of the book rehashes many of the points covered in “Less & More,” but expands on the concepts by adding in concrete examples. Most of the concepts and examples in “Said & Done” are mainly applicable to the workplace. However, the overall message still applies to communication in our everyday life. The book looks at communication tools and techniques, the message, audience, and more, all to make big ideas easier to grasp. With the ideas in this trilogy, Franzen could start a revolution for more effective communication both in the workplace and personal life.

BVIABC Lunch + Learn: ‘Streamlining – The Art of Saying More with Less’

On May 25, Jason Franzen will be in Bryan College Station to present “Streamlining – The Art of Saying More with Less” at the Brazos Valley Chapter of the International Association of Business Communication Lunch + Learn. The lunch and presentation will be from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at La Riviera Restaurant in Bryan.

Tickets are available on and can be found by searching “BVIABC.” The event is open to members and nonmembers. Ticket are $30 for IABC members and students, and $40 for nonmembers.

“Less & More” and “Said & Done” are both available for purchase now online or at the lunch presentation. The books cost $12 for one or $20 for both. Books purchased online at are picked up at the Insite office, 123 William J. Bryan Pkwy in Downtown Bryan.